aerophobia, annoying.


being in an airplane is such a boring time that i have to fight for. even though only for a short fly. today, jakarta – yogyakarta, an hour and ten minutes flight. that feels like 10 hours to me.

first, i didnt bring my earphone. disaster. i dont like to hear loud voices and crying babies in aircraft. small space and loud noise make me feel discomfort, at all.

second, sitting next to a person with aerophobia symptom. omg. double disaster.

i know i shouldve understood them. they dont want to be like that. it just happened to them. according to wikipedia, aerophobia could be a joint between claustrophobia (fear of small spaces) and acrophobia (fear of heights). poor them, huh?

but today was another bad flight experience. no earphone and sitting next to aerophobia man. it was a man. with a tidy shirt and pants. a classic office man. his seat is near to window. and me? stuck in the middle. argh. once he entered the airplane and took a seat next to me, he fell asleep instantly.

and me, since there are no earphones, i choose to read some work thingy.

it was a quite long delay after all the passangers are on the plane. i dont know what was happening. and i dont really care. i just kept reading on my worksheet. and finally the plane moved. take off.

3 minutes after leaving jakarta, the airplane was suddenly had a little turbulence. the man next to me awake and grab the seat in front of him. wow. what a shocking move he made.

finished with my worksheet, i put my sunglasses on, and try to sleep. i fell asleep for about five minutes until the man next to me made some moves that quite annoying. his shoulder kept on nudging me. he was like put his weight to the left and kept on moving for the rest of the flight. oh my god.

i think people should learn to respect others right in flight. there are unvisible boundaries between every seat.

these problems ive seen alot in our domestic flights:

1. loud voices
man, if you want to do oration, dont do it in small space like airplane. especially when using local languange. people dont understand you. and they dont have to understand you.

2. bad smell (body, mouth, and any kind of what so called teraphy oil)
oh cmon. small space and bad odor? theraphy oil? oh cmon.. not all of passangers love those kind of smell. we’re not in our own room!

3. moves that nudge someone next to you
hi man next to me. you are annoying with your symptom.

4. over cabin laguage
hei. you know others has the same right as you. they also can bring a cabin laguage. we dont have much space up there.

5. handphones
the world wont stop spinning if you just keep your cell off until entering the terminal building.

its an airplane. small space that needs big tolerance. we all have same rights. just respect others.

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