tandike, a perfect place to find deuter backpack


i’ve been looking for a perfect deuter for myself since 2010. and finally, i got one.

it was a long surfing on many websites. too many nice models of deuter makes me confuse. if i got stuck, i stop searching. until last week, i found a couple of types which i like the most.

1. futura pro 42lt granite arctic
2. act lite 50 + 10lt granite black

continue my searching on websites, till i got hopelessly on online stores. there are some of deuter dealers who sell those types but they dont do shipping to indonesia. many online sites put indonesia on their black lists.

then i started to ask some friends how to get deuter in indonesia. 3 first friends mentioned “tandike”.

ok, what is that? what the hell is tandike? i typed “tandike” on mister google. ah voilà! its an outdoor equipment shop. and (poor me) tandike is quite famous here. tandike is located in jl ciledug raya no 2, kebayoran lama, jakarta selatan. its been there for 16 years. and again, its only 5 minutes riding from my office. poor me, huh?

feels incomplete to check their stuffs from tandike.com since they are not updating the catalogue. i feel like i must go there to check on display products.

tandike opens from 9am till 9pm. i got there around 7pm. there are 3 shopkeepers and a customer with 2 bags in his hands. okey. its a quite big store with many displays. i began my hunt on those two types above. unluckily, they dont have them. and its impossible to order one. tandike bought these bags in large amount direct to deuter’s factory in vietnam. yes, that becomes a nice answer on their cheap prices. 50% discount is all yours.

while keeping on searching my becoming backpack, two young men entered the shop. one of them has the same taste as me i guess. a green backpack which i hold for my second option was in his hands. okey, i might lose that green. he kept on holding it. a nice way to say “girl, find yours. its mine.” then i start to pick another bag. yes yes its yours. errrr..


these are my options..

if im not mistaken this one is aircontact 55 + 10 lt granite black. too big. and those atributes are too complicated.


this one is futura pro 38 lt black navy. mmmhh.. too small and it doesnt have zipper in front.


next! act lite 35 + 10 lt black navy. yeap, again, no front zipper.


and a little teaser for a friend who like green alot. @manik_apa_manik, this one is for you. hahaha..


gave up on dozens of displays, i moved to catalogue. its easier to find from catalogue than ask the shopkeeper to grab it for me. my eyes stopped on the beautiful futura vario 50 + 10 lt, steel navy. i want that one.

at amazon, this type tagged $179.10 after 10% discount. and here, in tandike shop, they tagged this bag for rp. 840.000 only. means, $88.14. ihiy!


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