packing as the beginning

packing. this word was sound very interesting. since working in an event organization which quite often held event out of town, packing becomes less interesting to me. but, lesson learns in many ways. i can do it less than 30 minutes. i got everything for travel needs.

well, singapore.

1. footwear
comfort shoes is the most important thing for singapore trip. singapore means lots of walking activity. with its temperature and humidity, extra socks is also needed. smell socks is a very big no. and dont forget to bring along the sandals. they will take part for indoor (hostel) activities.


2. documents
overseas means passport, id card, tickets, npwp card, (and for me) vaccine book. pernah ke negara yg membutuhkan vaksin? buku vaksin jangan sampai lupa. bisa-bisa ditanya di immigrasi. and a pen. youll need it. dont ask. just bring.

3. tas ransel kecil
banyak dokumen yg harus dibawa. biarkan travel bag / carrier / koper ada di hotel. what we need is a very comvy backpack while walking. semua kebutuhan bisa ditaruh di situ. termasuk belanjaan dan air minum.

4. headphone or earphone
pake iphone, jd cuma butuh earphone. flight will be such a big bore time to pass. me, i need music.

5. cloths
its asia. you need tshirt and jeans only. maybe shorts and unsleeves shirts. make it as relax as possible. underwear. easy to count. how many days you will pass? times 2 for your needs.

6. shower kit
since 2002 i already have my travel kit for body needs. soap, shampoo, conditioner.. all in little travel bottles. you dont need to bring big bottles. such a stupid thing to bring big package for shower thingy. tooth brush and paste. you can find those travel kit at ace or muji. or else. what i need is grab the kit and put it in my travel bag. need only 2 mins to do it.

7. towel
ahak! im a backpacker. i prefer backpackers hostel than a fancy hotel. i wont be spending my time in room. thats why i choose backpackers hostel for every trip i make. hostel doesnt provide towels. well, they did if you willing to add some dollars to your billing. i prefer microfiber towel. simple, small package, holds 5 times its weight in water, fast dry. perfect.

8. plastic bag or cotton bag
for your laundry. for sure. youll need it.

9. extra folded bag
singapore and shopping. ill bet you need extra bag(s).

10. electric plug
different country, different electric plug. you need 2 out and 1 ground plug. you can buy a traveller multi plug that covers all electric plug type. can be found at ace.

11. cigarettes!
im indonesian. we have best ciggies in the world. max 2 boxes (@ 20 packages) to bring them overseas. or is it 200 ciggies? i forgot. around that.


12. money
best to exchange it not at the airport. find a good money changer with good currency. dont forget to keep 150k rupiah for soetta’s tax.

all checked and thats it! im ready to go. see you at the airport.


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